Sewer Scopes


So, you are buying a new house and your agent has suggested that you have a sewer scope performed on the home. It is simple, agents suggest this to potential homebuyers and sellers typically get inspections done to avoid expensive repairs before listing or buying a home.

Sewer inspections are performed with a robotic snake and camera that looks for issues in your drain or pipes. Technicians run a sewer snake with an attached camera, or scope, through your pipes while we monitor the video feed on a screen. Sewer line inspections can find cracked pipes, invasive tree roots, corroded pipes, blocked pipes, and leaks. These hidden damages can cost more than $20,000 to repair and speak to how important having this additional service performed during your inspection. Often, your home inspector will perform the scope or help you arrange a third-party technician to perform the task.



TAK Strategies inspection will be completely unbiased. We have no connection to any sewer repair company. We can guarantee accurate, truthful results. We care only about your safety, not about the profit of an sewer repairs.