Mold and Spore Testing

If you think your home or business has a mold problem. Having someone come out to complete testing is the best first step. Doing this will determine exactly what is happening and get rid of the guess work. Having a third party eliminates any conflict of interest so you know you are not paying for unnecessary work in the long run.

  • It identifies hundreds of types of mold. You’ll want to know exactly what type of mold or molds exist in your home so you know how to treat them.

  • Inspectors are Certified A certified mold inspector is trained to know where to test to find a source and get data necessary to fix the problems.

  • It is sent to a laboratory for testing. A third party lab should be used to ensure an unbiased analysis. AIHA is the best accreditation to look for when trying to find a quality lab.

  • The results are sent to you quickly. Results are usually had in 1-3 business days, guaranteed next day results can be had at additional costs.

  • Inspectors Interpret Reports. Make sure the person you are hiring is not only collecting samples but also interpreting them and giving recommendations for removal if necessary.

  • Unbiased Testing Make sure that the inspector you use takes no part in the mold removal process to ensure the results you receive are unbiased and factual.

TAK Strategies inspection will be completely unbiased. We have no connection to any mold mitigation company. We can guarantee accurate, truthful results. We care only about your safety, not about the profit of an moldremoval company.