Asbestos Testing


TAK Startegies is a licensed/bonded/insured, environmental testing firm specializing in asbestos testing. We hold accreditation with the State of Colorado to perform Asbestos Building Inspections and test for the presence of Asbestos-Containing Materials. Asbestos is a hazardous material that was used in insulation and other housing materials. It was used because of its strength and fire-resistant characteristics. You need a Colorado asbestos inspection to ensure your home or commercial property is asbestos-free.

It is important to know that long-term exposure to asbestos is extremely harmful to one’s health. The potential for serious respiratory problems is high. It is nearly impossible to know for sure if asbestos was used in your home. The only way to know is to use a certified inspector. A Certified inspector does the necessary tests and inspections.

It is dangerous to perform any kind of asbestos inspection on your own. However, an Axium Inspector will provide you with the information you need. An Axium Inspector will be safe while doing an inspection.

Generally speaking, asbestos testing rules are clearly defined by CDPHE for commercial and residential customers. Below, we have given these rules for a commercial client first and then for a residential client second.

When does a commercial client need to do an asbestos test?

Commercial Clients: You need to do an asbestos test if your company…

  1. removes more than 260 linear feet

  2. plans to remove more than 160 square feet

  3. accumulates the equivalent of a 55-gallon drum of any material besides wood, bricks, concrete and/or steel

  4. plans to completely demolish a building, then you also NEED to do an asbestos test

When does a residential client need to do an asbestos test?

Residential Clients: You need to do an asbestos test if you…

  1. plan to remove more than 50 linear feet

  2. plan to remove more than 32 square feet

  3. accumulate the equivalent of a 55-gallon drum of any material besides wood, bricks, concrete or steel

  4. will completely demolish a building, then you also NEED to do an asbestos test

The above rules should be used by all of our Colorado clients. Please realize that CDPHE takes these rules very seriously. Further, CDPHE will levy fines for violations of these rules. The result of this analysis determes what happens next. We walk you through the whole process. TAK provides an asbestos report to show clients what samples tested positive and what samples did not.

Asbestos Project Flow Chart

Based on the flow chart above, TAK points out 3 different outcomes based on the asbestos test results…

  1. No abatement is required is the test results come back 0%

  2. OSHA mandates abatement if the test results are greater than 0%

  3. CDPHE mandates a Regulation 8 abatement if the test results are 1% or greater.

Most importantly, we hope that customers reading this website page find this flow chart useful. We have developed this flow chart based on our 14 years of experience! Call TAK at 720-295-2065 to hire the BEST asbestos testing company.

Asbestos Tape

"Before You Hire an Asbestos Professional... Avoid a conflict of interest. An asbestos professional hired to assess the need for asbestos repair or removal should not be connected with an asbestos firm that does the actual repair or removal of materials. . . It is better to use two different firms so there is no conflict of interest.”- The EPA

It is better to use two different firms so there is no conflict of interest.”

What is inspected during an asbestos inspection?

• Acoustical ceiling texture or “popcorn”

• Asphalt flooring

• Base flashing/mastic

• Blown-in insulation

• Boiler/tank insulation

• Breaching insulation

• Brick mortar

• Built-up roofing Caulking/putties

• Ceiling tiles/panels/mastic

• Cement board/transite

• Cement pipes

• Cement roofing shingles

• Chalkboards

• Construction mastics

• Duct tape/paper

• Ductwork flexible connections

• Electrical cloth

• Electrical panel partitions

• Electrical wiring insulation

• Elevator brake shoes

• Erkot roofing material

• Fire blankets

• Fire curtains/hose

• Fire doors

• Fireproofing

• Furnace insulation

• Gray roofing paint

• High temperature gaskets • HVAC duct insulation

• Incandescent light fixture backing

• Joint compound/wallboard

• Laboratory hoods/table tops • Laboratory fume hood

• Mudded pipe elbow insulation

• Nicolet (white) roofing paper • Packing materials

• Paper fire box in walls

• Paper on backside of fiberglass insulation

• Pipe insulation/fittings

• Plaster/ wall joints • Poured flooring

• Rolled roofing

• Roofing shingles • Sink insulation

• Spray-applied insulation • Stucco

• Sub flooring slip sheet

• Textured paints/coatings • Vapor barrier

• Vinyl floor tile/mastic

• Vinyl sheet flooring/mastic • Vinyl wall coverings

• Window glazing

TAK Strategies inspection will be completely unbiased. We have no connection to any asbestos mitigation company. We can guarantee accurate, truthful results. We care only about your safety, not about the profit of an asbestos removal company.